Camelot is excited to announce our newest offering: the Husqvarna Automower®. The robotic lawn mower is truly a new style of lawn care, offering all our customers a different and unique way to possess the best smart home technology for their lawns.

Usually, most people tend to wait until their grass grows a few inches before they actually pull out their traditional mowers and chop off the excess. Instead, this Automower®clips your grass in smaller rates but does it more frequently. Worried about the robotic machine missing a spot? Don’t be. Programmed schedules keep your lawn looking great, as patterns are executed in perfection.

We partnered with Husqvarna because they are world-renowned for their outdoor lawn equipment. Beyond their robotic mowers, they also make reputable premium chainsaws, battery tools, commercial power equipment, zero-turn mowers and more.

If you’re asking why you should look into getting an Automower®when you have a perfectly functioning lawnmower already available at your expense, take a moment to analyze the various benefits associated with this robotic masterpiece.

First, clipping rather than cutting keeps your lawn fresh while naturally fertilizing the surface area. The machine is safe to use around both children and pets, with the Automower®’s non-fixed blades stopping immediately if the unit is lifted.

Custom boundaries are effective and prevent the machine from traveling somewhere you don’t desire, such as a neighbor’s yard or even into a busy side street. Also, the Automower®is weather-resistant and runs in some rainy conditions. If the weather becomes too overwhelming, the machine will return to its charging station to get ready for the next available trim.

It is also a low-noise machine, meaning it can even run at night and your neighbors wouldn’t have a clue. Anti-theft features also give homeowners peace of mind, as they can input their own personal PIN codes, as well as features like GPS and an anti-theft alarm.

So, what if you want one? There are three separate options: Buy an Automower®and let Camelot’s experts install it for you; order full Automower®service and pay for Camelot’s installation and management, which include periodic visits for maintenance purposes; or lease to buy the product over a three-year period.

What are you waiting for? The future is now! Contact Camelot today to learn more!