Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. is very proud of its Royal IPM program — a program that has been more popular than any other program with our clientele due to having expertly-trained arborists in the vicinity as often as you desire.

The program is individually and specifically designed to have a certified arborist on your property at least once per month during the growing season, as a method of intensely scouting and maintaining peak vitality for all of your valuable plants — as well as to nurture the health and delicate balance of your landscape’s ecosystem.

A board-certified master arborist is part of our uniquely skilled staff. The program itself is TRAQ qualified and TCIA accredited.

The best part may be the amount of features you receive with our latest promotion, which gives clients free soil analysis and expert landscape diagnostic’s that cater specifically to your property and are ultimately delivered in a professional report. It is a $150 value, with a minimum of eight application visits.

In addition to your tree and shrub care, our target programs contained with the Royal IPM program may include insect management, perimeter pest control, mosquito control, spider control, wasp and hornet control, boxelder bugs and goose control. Also, we offer annual prescription programs that are efficiently designed to control existing problems and/or increase the health of weak or stressed plants.

Taking advantage of this program, to have an arborist be monthly commonplace on your property and take care of the ecosystem that you desperately aim to preserve and keep healthy will ensure the long-lasting preservation of nature in your front yard or backyard.

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