Tree Care

Camelot Wants to Treat Your Oak Wilt Before it’s Too Late

Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. wants people to know something important: The battle against oak wilt in Michigan has begun, especially in the central and Midwest United States. Oak wilt is a fungal disease that moves through the water-conducting tissue, or vascular system, of a tree. It essentially clogs the “veins” of an oak tree, [...]

Camelot Wants to Treat Your Oak Wilt Before it’s Too Late2019-06-18T18:00:21+00:00

Why hire an Arborist?

Arborist specializes in the care of individual trees.  They are knowledgeable about the needs of the trees and are trained and equipped to provide proper care.  Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns.  Well cared for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property.  Pruning or removing [...]

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What is a tree worth?

It has been estimated a medium size tree produces about $30,000 worth of oxygen over 'a period of 50 years.  The other factors; soil fertility $30,000; recycling of water and controlling humidity $36,000 sheltering birds, animals, other plants etc. $30,000, and controlling air pollution $60,000. This gives a total for the 50 years of $188,000. [...]

What is a tree worth?2019-06-18T18:00:21+00:00