Air spading can alleviate root issues and give trees the ability to breathe. The team at Camelot knows the ins and outs of air spading and want to share this fantastic Fall treatment with you.

Air spading refers to the process of gently correcting tree root and plant shrub issues. It is essentially a form of soil excavation that involves using compressed air to loosen soil, simultaneously protecting roots and underground utility lines. The compressed air breaks up soil in a safe and efficient manner, utilized for any number of reasons, including: breaking up compacted soil that has obstructed proper water and nutrient flow to the root system; assessing and correcting girdling roots; checking for rot beneath the surface; or removing soil around the root collar.

The process is akin to “beating” a pillow to spread the fluff. And while anybody can realistically engage in this process, using shovels or other tools to manually spread and “break apart” soil can lead to unlikely and negative effects — including the damaging of roots or utility lines, which causes bigger problems to a homeowner.

These pneumatic devices can work wonders in numerous ways. Vertical mulching can fill holes beneath tree canopies, using soil and other materials that move water and nutrients to the roots. Root collar excavation can help untangle the messiest of roots, which can damage or even destroy trees, and help evaluate water and nutrient movement and determine if more work is required.

Aeration de-compacts the soil, allowing more space for the pores containing water and oxygen and creates drainage for excess water to run away from the roots, avoiding saturation and decay. We also perform radial trenching by removing soil radially from the trunk out to the roots. Narrow trenches are created using high air spading pressure in a radial pattern throughout the root zone. Radial trenching is great for trees growing in compacted or poor soil areas. It encourages deep root growth.

In essence, the spading process is related to positive rejuvenation. While the area is loosened this is the prime time to add missing organic material and nutrients back into the soil. We have the ability to add whatever nutrients in which the area is deficient and/or incorporate compost into the soil.

Call Camelot today and our expert arborists will treat your soil and roots with great care, alleviating yourself of headaches caused by things the human eyes can’t see. Underground activity is vital to the lifeblood of these plants and shrubs, and spading can work wonders for long-term viability.


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