Camelot recently announced our new service/product from Husqvarna, in which we offer three different options for homeowners looking to spruce up their lawns — all with the help of a robotic lawn-clipping machine.

But you may be skeptical, which is alright. Are these newer machines able to keep your lawn as clean and aesthetically beautiful as the other mowers you have been using for years and years? According to Husqvarna, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Whether you have seen one in action, or maybe saw a commercial and wondered how it works and why it is different from anything else, it may be time to live in the now and look at all the ways a robotic mower may be in your future.

For one, time is valuable. Everybody is busy doing different things all the time. Coming home from a long day at work, only to have to cut your lawn in the heat, can be a treacherous chore. Or perhaps you are running around doing errands in between your kids’ social activities. Having a robotic lawnmower is equivalent to having other home-based features that make your life easier and let you exhale a little longer.

The Automower®, which runs on lithium-ion batteries, will also save you money in the long run. This invention doesn’t take gasoline, which can fluctuate weekly based on market values. And expect fewer or no repairs with this juggernaut.

Your lawn may actually end up looking better than ever if you use this machine. The company states that is because unlike push mowers or riding mowers, the Automower® is lighter and won’t “squish the grass or wear down the turf” in certain areas. The razor-sharp blades don’t tear grass but rather clip it, which reduces overall yellowing and damage.

Other benefits include more space in your backyard shed or garage, where a mower might sit and take up space. The limiting of noise is also beneficial, as more and more homeowners are finding the reduction in noise pollution to be a great personal advancement.

It is the 21st century, so wireless connections work on almost anything — including the Automower®. By way of a smartphone app you download, you can monitor and control the Automower®from either inside your home or even in other parts of the globe. You can even use home-based products from Amazon and Google to control the mower.

If you want to keep your grass healthy, fertilize it naturally and not annoy your neighbors, the Husqvarna Automower® will make your life easier and better.

What are you waiting for? The future is now! Contact Camelot today to learn more!

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