Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. fully encourages all of our customers to care for their lawns and greenery in the most robust, yet eco-friendly, ways imaginable. This involves staying adept to all the positive enhancements being done to allow for the construction and maintenance of the best lawns around.

At Camelot, our lawn program is 100 percent organic and environmentally friendly. This is accomplished through a variety of means, including the implementation of organisms and natural food sources that maximize plant health and appearance. Other methods we practice to make your lawn more noticeable may include seasonal liquid compost teas, soil analysis and micronutrient applications.

The removal of synthetics and pesticides from fertilizers, for example, not only improves overall soil health but also assures parents and guardians that children and pets will not be harmed from such lawn treatments. It just provides another level of comfort.

Also, such fertilizers are not just safe and promote good health when it comes to lawns, but they are also naturally made and biodegradable— meaning that less pollution becomes a byproduct of said treatments. Due to organic fertilizers being more durable than chemical types of fertilizers, nutrients will be released and stay in soil longer.

Speaking of organic fertilizers, they not only make the planet more inhabitable but also make life easier for you in terms of overall application and enjoying the longevity of the product. Once organic matter builds inside the soil, roots are positively impacted while the plants themselves enjoy the strengthening of their natural defense systems. This stimulation of the soil’s natural life lowers stress droughts during periods of reduced water resources; simultaneously, water distribution and retention in lawn and soil become enhanced.

We at Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. have certified experts and arborists who can help you achieve the healthiest, most vibrant lawn in your neighborhood — whether you live in the suburbs or next to a body of water. We possess more than three decades’ worth of experience that will lend itself to your grounds.


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